Site of the 2019 Freestyle and Snowboard FIS World Championships

On June 5, 2014, Park City, UT was awarded the 2019 FIS Freestyle and Snowboard World Championships by the International Ski and Snowboard Federation in Barcelona, Spain. February 1-10, 2019 will bring the best skiers and riders in the world to Utah to compete at Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort and Canyons Resort. Competitions will include freestyle skiing (aerials, moguls and dual moguls), freeskiing (halfpipe, slopestyle and skicross) and snowboard (halfpipe, slopestyle and snowboard cross).


As the President and CEO of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, I am proud to announce that, on behalf of Park City, UT, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association has accepted the 2019 FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships along with our partners Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort.

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding are highly visible sports in the USA. This World Championships event will be an opportunity to showcase these sports to the world. Through key sport partnerships, the USSA will deliver a World Championships that is embraced by all of the world’s best athletes in each discipline. The USSA has a long track record of attracting high levels of sponsorships, spectators and television viewers and this event will continue to grow these audiences.

In the sports of freeskiing and snowboarding, there are a variety of non-FIS sanctioned competitions drawing elite athlete participation. The X Games, Dew Tour and Burton U.S. and European Opens consistently draw top athletes, sponsor dollars and media impressions. Over the past three years, the USSA’s Sprint U.S. Grand Prix series has seen significant gains on all three of these fronts, thanks in part to the philosophy of attracting the best athletes with exceptional competition venues and event organization as well as embracing flexible sanctioning arrangements for these events. We believe that continuing this momentum is critical to the future success of FIS freeskiing, and snowboarding competitions run by FIS. In the following pages, USSA has detailed how we will create a credible and successful event supported by all athletes and countries.

The key to the success of this event is a partnership driven by flexibility and close collaboration. At the sport leadership level, this requires multiple partnerships between USSA, FIS marketing and domestic and international TV rights holders, as well as consideration for managing other entities that may exist that impact athlete schedules, public awareness and interest. The USSA understands that these entities may change from time to time and vary in their importance. The event itself will see success based on partnerships between USSA, Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort, as well as the Utah Sports Commission, the City of Park City, the Park City Chamber/Bureau and visitors also with the State of Utah.

I am confident that the USSA and our partners will host an outstanding 2019 World Championships.Together, we will produce a World Championships that will bring these great sports into the future with the support of our athletes and our community.

Tiger Shaw
President and CEO
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

Vision of the Bid

Park City, Utah, has a proud tradition of innovation and excellence in hosting international skiing and snowboarding events. The community has shown a tremendous commitment to celebrating elite skiing and snowboarding competition along with delivering some of the best competition venues in the world.

Over the past 20 years, the Park City community has worked with FIS to innovate and modernize winter sports, from the America’s Opening being one of the first FIS Alpine World Cup stops to offer prize money, to the introduction of the 18-foot halfpipe to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to becoming the only site to host the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships twice and the first site to host slopestyle skiing at the 2011 World Ski Championships.

Once again, it is time for the Park City community to open the next chapter in this proud tradition as we host the 2019 FIS Freestyle and Snowboarding World Championships.

The 2019 FIS Freestyle and Snowboarding World Championships will be an opportunity to put Park City back in the international winter sports spotlight and will once again reaffirm that the ski resorts of Park City are among the best destinations for freestyle skiing, freeskiing and snowboarding in the world.

The community will come together to host the competitions across all three resorts leveraging the attributes of each resort and centralizing the celebrations in the city of Park City.

This World Championships will also provide the opportunity to continue the tradition of innovation in elite snowboarding and freestyle competition. We recognize that the traditions of these sports are based on individuality and creativity with different groups claiming to represent the true culture of each sport. The Championships will bring together the traditionally disparate organizations and celebrate a true gathering of the best athletes on the best venues in the world.

Park City, Utah

Park City has a proud tradition of excellence hosting elite international skiing and snowboarding events. The community has hosted events for a half century and will continue to boast progression and innovation in winter sports with the 2019 FIS World Championships in Freestyle and Snowboarding. Located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, the town of Park City is home to over 100 restaurants, concerts, live theater, skiing and snowboarding events and independent film screenings, including the legendary Sundance Film Festival. Encompassing the town are the three ski areas of Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort. Together, these beautiful, world class resorts cover over 3,400 hectares/8,550 acres of skiable terrain entirely accessible by lift access. Along with the young, vibrant, mountain lifestyle, these resorts make Park City the perfect, idyllic playground.


Park City, Utah is just 40 minutes from metropolitan Salt Lake City, but the globally recognized resort community is worlds apart – nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains on the western edge of the Rockies.

Back in the 19th century, Park City was a bustling community in the midst of the silver boom. Tens of thousands of miners descended onto the mountain town, creating a large scale mining industry and establishing the region’s heritage. While active mines closed in recent decades, stroll down Park City’s historic Main Street and you’ll quickly be reminded of the community’s rich past.

Park City today is a vibrant resort community with an appreciation for its heritage and welcoming its future legacy as a home of Olympic sport. It’s been 50 years since Park City became a winter resort town with the 2002 Olympic Winter Games putting it on the map. With three world class resorts and being the home of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, kids growing up in Park City now aspire to Olympic gold.
1986-14-7 1984-26-3

Park City: Cultural home of the 2002 Olympics

The culture

Live music and entertainment

Vibrant nightlife and Sundance Film Festival

Park City Main Street

The Events

The 2019 World Championships in Snowboarding, Freeskiing and Freestyle will be conducted February 1-10, 2019. All events will take place less than 10 minutes from each other. This close proximity will create an atmosphere entirely dedicated to the sports of freestyle, freeskiing and snowboarding. Each resort will develop its own unique elements to celebrate the competitions they host but will also contribute to a greater celebration of the World Championships. Never before have all of these sports come together in such an historic location.

Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding

Park City Mountain Resort

Halfpipe snowboarding and skiing

Park City Mountain Resort

Snowboardcross and skicross

Canyons Resort

Aerials and Moguls

Deer Valley Resort

The Venues

Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort lead the skiing and snowboarding industry with their state of the art snowmaking, grooming, snowcat fleets and experienced build teams. These teams transform the venues into unparalleled, world class terrain parks and race courses frequented by World Champion, X Games and Olympic gold medalists. The iconic venues have not only brought skiing and snowboarding to the next generation, but also continue the progression of the sports through regular contests and competitions.

Park City Mountain Resort

  • Men's and Women's Halfpipe Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Men's and Women's Slopestyle Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Men's and Women's Big Air Snowboarding

2002 Olympic Winter Games
2009 and 2013 FIS Freestyle and Snowboard World Cup
2010 U.S. Grand Prix Snowboarding Finals and U.S. Olympic Team Naming
2011 FIS Freestyle World Championships
2014 U.S. Grand Prix Freeskiing Finals and U.S. Olympic Team Naming

Deer Valley Resort

  • Men's and Women’s Moguls and Dual Moguls
  • Men's and Womens Aerials
  • Men's and Women’s Big Air Skiing*

2000-2014 FIS Freestyle World Cup
2002 Olympic Winter Games
2003 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships 2006, 2010, 2014 Olympic Freestyle
Team namings 2011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships

Canyons Resort

  • Men's and Women’s Skicross
  • Men's and Women’s Snowboardcross and Team Snowboardcross

2011 Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, snowboardcross
2012 Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, skicross and snowboardcross 2013 Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, skicross and snowboardcross

Transportation and Accomodation

Park City is located 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Salt Lake City International Airport with regular transportation to the area. Once in the town, Park City Transit provides free bus service between all major resorts, Main Street and the area's many hotels. With over 10,000 beds available, Park City is well prepared to accompany any type of lodging need.

The Greatest Snow On Earth

With over 900 cm of Utah's famous champagne powder, crystal blue skies and mild temperatures, Park City is a snow lover's dream destination.

Be Our Guest

Guest experience and customer satisfaction is not only a priority in Park City, but also a passion. Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort boast award-winning service and greet each visitor with personalized hospitality. It goes without saying that resort staff, volunteers and mountain personnel love the work they do. All three resorts have incredible volunteer work forces that span over 500 people, some of which have been volunteering for Park City skiing and snowboarding events for 12 years.